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Fusing Intelligence and Deception

Forkbombus Labs' Threat Intelligence fuels predictive Deception Technology to generate unique insights so you can counter threats to your organization.

Threat Intelligence
  • Complete Actor Indicators
  • Superior Context
  • Full Kill Chain Replay
Deception Technology
  • Personalized Threat Engagement
  • Adapts in Real Time
  • Detect Attacks Faster

Why Forkbombus Labs?

Threat Fingerprinting

Knows who an adversary is, no matter where they attack or what resources they use to carry out the attack.

Learn from Threats

Let your adversaries teach you their tactics, divulging every capability and resource they have in their arsenal.

Beyond Alerts

Use proactive intelligence to know what your future adversary will do and stop them before the alert occurs.

Universal Integrations

Don't restrict your workflow. Use the tools you're familiar with, enhanced by our superior threat intelligence.

AI Driven Deception

Automatically craft a personalized deception to trap adversaries, using their capabilities, motivations, and environment against them.

Invert Attack Economics

Ensure that the burden of an attack is on hackers, using more time and money on their campaign than you do defending.

Endless Deceptions

Always have the right deception ready to go, no matter what service or environment is needed.

Minimize Ownership Costs

Easily deploy and manage deception to gather intelligence without the expensive hardware or setup costs.


From gathering unique insights to deceiving your foes, Forkbombus Labs has the tools and expertise for improving any organization's security posture. While there are no silver bullets, we can show you how to produce tons of lead ones instead.

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