Forkbombus Labs is fusing
deception and intelligence

The intersection of security operations, data science, and threat intelligence.

What we Do

Forkbombus Labs focuses on the human elements of cyber security to protect enterprises from the increasingly advanced attacks they’re faced with. We approach the problem at its core, because crimes aren’t committed by computers.

We are using patent pending AI-driven deception technology to turn a hacker’s strengths into their greatest weaknesses - generating superior threat intelligence and experimenting with our hypotheses in real time.

We utilize these unique insights in assisted investigations, bringing in-depth attribution to accurately identify threat actors - via thousands of facets of affiliation, motivation, and capability. These investigations show many different levels of the incidents involved - from the low level details a Security Engineer needs to protect their organization completely, to the high level points an executive leverages for prioritization.

Who we are


James Ward

CEO, Co-Founder

James is a highly skilled software engineer, with a passion for artificial intelligence and procedural generation techniques. He takes a pragmatic approach to leadership and strategy for Forkbombus Labs.

Prior to founding Forkbombus Labs, he lead multiple teams at Wayfair. There he was crucial in designing the architecture of various systems to handle billions of events every hour and execute real time personalization in milliseconds. This was all done for business critical systems that demanded reliability and precision, which were attributed with increasing revenue by hundreds of millions of dollars.


Stu Gorton

CSO, Co-Founder

Stu is an expert examiner, specializing in threat intelligence, deception, and attribution, with over a decade of experience in the field. He’s worked with the global law enforcement community to help put numerous criminals behind bars, and is highly skilled in determining legally defensible attribution for activities performed by nation states and other advanced persistent threats.

Before founding Forkbombus Labs, he sharpened his security skills at Deloitte and Touche as a threat researcher, and defended Global 500 companies from the barrage of threats as a Senior Security Analyst at SecureWorks.